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Plummeting Facebook Organic Reach?

We’ve been reviewing our client’s Facebook pages and watching the decline in numbers of organic reach. We’ve figured out a couple strategies that we would recommend to any business that is struggling in this area.

Bottom line: organic reach for posts is at an all time low. Time to try other methods to stay in front of your clients and potential clients.

Ways To Overcome The Lack of Organic Reach
Boost posts– target the fans of your page or the friends of the fans of your page. Just $5 on a post goes a very long way in getting your posts out in front of more people.

Engagement Ad– target the fans of your page or the friends of the fans of your page. This is similar to an engagement ad. We’ve found it best to use CPM when bidding to get as many viewers on each post as possible.

Hold contests– email marketing is a wonderful way to stay in front of current clients/customers. Create a contest with the entry requirement of submitting their email address on a landing page.

Look at competitors or similar brands– check out what your competitors are doing well and try to implement a similar strategy on your own page.

Focus on other platforms– Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all viable platforms to spend time on to build your audience. Give it a try and see what results you get.

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