Laurel Foot & Ankle Center in Maryland Gets a Make-Over

So, how did OpenAir beget Laurel Foot & Ankle Center you might ask…

Turns out the owner of the Charter company is a foot doctor.
Imagine that… AND he’s a pilot.

Michael Klein, Podiatrist and part-time charter pilot was thrilled with the work we did on www.flyopenair.com.

(We had no idea he had another business.)

That’s because the charter business is handled by their GM.

So, one day I get a call from Dr. Klein, “We’d like you to look at our foot doctor sites. Can you redo them both?”

We said, “Absolutely!” 

Not only did we redo Laurelfootandanklecenter.com and the sister site Novafoot.com…We redesigned both logos.  

Three things we thought most important:

  1. Creating a cohesive, congruent pair of sites that worked together seamlessly.
  2. Making their extensive knowledge and expertise accessible.
  3. Simplify the appointment process

We succeeded 100%

“DRDs responsiveness and attention to detail is incredible. That’s huge in my book. We are very pleased with the new, absolutely amazing website.”
Dr. Klein, D.P.M A.B.A.F.S
Laurel Foot and Ankle Center
Northern Virginia Foot & Ankle Associates

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